part of the Isle of Wight Speed Trials 2021

Island Car Centre Sandown Sprint will now be held over the weekend of 27th & 28th March 2021.
(This postponed event was originally scheduled for 2020.)
This first Isle of Wight Speed Trial will return motorsport to Island roads. Bringing sun, sea and speed together for an exhilarating weekend of action.


Island Car Centre Sandown Sprint

Harking back to the days before national speed limits on UK roads, Isle of Wight Speed Trials inaugual event, the Island Car Centre Sandown Sprint will evoke a sense of nostalgia as vehicles compete once again on Culver Parade.

Pathe Newsreels still provide a record of motor rallies and sprints being held on public roads on the Isle of Wight in the 1950s, in places like The Cascade in Ventnor and the Esplanade in Sandown. Once the national speed limits were introduced in the 1960s all of this was inadvertently outlawed until a recent change in the law.

Sandown-speed-trial-IW-Rally-1951 - IW Speed Trials

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