Sandown Sprint 2020

The first event planned as part of the Isle of Wight Speed Trials is the Sandown Sprint held over the weekend of 28th-29th March 2020. It will hark back to the days before national speed limits on UK roads when there were regular speed trials and rallies held on the Isle of Wight. These continued up until the 1960s including some based in Sandown as you can see from the above image.

In 2017 Motorsport UK successfully lobbied for a change in the law which would allow Local Highways Authorities to suspend the Road Traffic Act and enable motor racing on closed public roads and for the first  time make it viable for local organisations to go racing.

Solent is a local events and marketing company that has teamed up with the Isle of Wight Car Club with the aim of running a new motorsport event on the isle of Wight. The IOWCC is registered by the MSA. This would be one of the first speed events run on closed public roads in England under the new regulations.┬áThe first event planned under the banner of the Isle Wight Speed Trials in 2020 as a sprint based in Sandown – the Sandown Sprint 2020.

July 2019 update

Island Roads join Solent and the IWCC surveying the Sandown Sprint course.Following nearly two years of preparation, Solent and the Isle of Wight Car Club were able to submit a permit application to Motorsport UK in July 2019 – for a proposed event in March 2020. This starts a process of formal consultation with local stakeholders which range from Sandown Town Council and the Police to the Isle of Wight Council and Island Roads. There will also be a full inspection of the proposed track along Culver Parade. To date informal meetings have been held with many of these stakeholders including the businesses which are located along Culver Parade.

Promoter, Tim Addison of Solent commented: ” We’ve have tried to involve as many people as possible without unduly raising expectations and we’ve been blown away by the positivity and enthusiasm for what we are proposing. We’re also very grateful for the support of the Isle of Wight Car Club which has been 100% behind this project from the moment we proposed it late in 2017. Our joint aim is to run a safe and enjoyable sprint for the competitors, that is also great fun to watch. We can then build on this for the future and the Isle of Wight Speed Trials can comprise a number of events like the Sandown Sprint.”

More details of the Sandown Sprint are due to be announced shortly, once the formal consulation has been completed. Please do sign up on the home page for our newsletter.

View from the track of the Sandown Sprint

View from the proposed track of the Sandown Sprint