Event information

Booking office – Sandham Gardens, Fort Street, Sandown
You can only collect your wristband(s) from our Booking Office which is located in Fort Street car park, this will be well signposted. There is no access to the event from the Yaverland end of the track. If you have purchased any merchandise or a programme, you will also be able to collect these from the Booking Office on the day with your order number.

Car parking
There will be no public car parking in either Fort Street or Yaverland car parks for the weekend as they are both integral to the Sprint event. We strongly recommend that you arrive in Sandown by public transport.

Access to the spectator enclosure
Once you have collected your wristband, access to the spectator enclosure will be via Sandham Gardens. There is a special pedestrian crossing point which will be opened by marshalls when the track is not live and it is safe to cross. Please wait as directed. The crossing will be opened between each race session which will be approximately every 25 minutes.

Race paddock
The race paddock is located at Yaverland car park and can be accessed via the spectator enclosure by walking along the sea wall. You can re-enter the spectator enclosure from Yaverland.

Food and drink
Around the track, you will be welcome for refreshments at Sandown Gardens, Yaverland Cafe and the Wildheart Animal Sanctuary Cafe. There will also be many cafes and bars open in Sandown.


9am-12pm: Two practice runs
12pm-1pm: Lunch
1pm-5:30pm: Three competitive runs
9am-10:30am: One practice run
10:30am-12pm: One competitive run
12pm-1pm: Lunch
1pm-4pm: Two competitive runs
5pm: Awards at Browns

Top tips to enjoy the Sandown Sprint:

  • Collect your wristbands from the Fort Street Booking Office.
  • Fort Street and Yaverland car parks will be closed for parking (don’t arrive by car).
  • Use public transport to arrive in Sandown.
  • Sandham Gardens and the Wildheart Animal Sanctuary will both be open as normal at the event.

Thank you again for your support and we hope you enjoy the event.

Many thanks,

Tim Addison
Island Car Centre Sandown Sprint

Current Covid advice: