Ticking all the boxes for our permit & license applicaitons

Ticking all the boxes for our permit & license applicaitons

Ticking all the boxes for our permit & license applicaitons 2560 1774 Isle of Wight Speed Trials

The organisers are pleased to announce that a permit application has now been
submitted to Motorsport UK (MSUK) for a sprint event in Sandown in March 2020. This
represents a significant milestone towards being closed road motorsport to the Isle of

MSUK has visited the Island for a track inspection on 17th July (undertaken by Leslie Cox
and Dan Carter) and formal consultation with local partners has started. The proposed
Sandown Sprint will be part of the Isle of Wight Speed Trials and held over the weekend
on 28th – 29th March 2020.

Race classes and entries

The Isle of Wight Car Club will be opening applications for race entries in September and
as soon as more details are available these will be shared with our email database.
There will be classes to cover standard and modified road going vehicles as well as Sport
Libre and Supersports and Sprint vehicles. Although restricted to closed wheeled cars.
In total the event will be aiming for 100 entries, but accepting up to 120.


Plans are progressing well to have a large spectator viewing area as part of the event,
this makes it quite special in the UK calendar and a rarity for closed road motorsport.
Originally it was planned for entry to be free of charge, but this ironically creates
problems for event management, so currently plans are for entry by programme. The
costs of the programme will admit two people and include a charitable donation. More
details will follow soon.

Further local consultation

The event has been planned to be out of season to minimise any detrimental impact on
local businesses or inconvenience for residents and visitors. On 15th July the Sprint was
discussed by Sandown Town Council which gave its unanimous support to the
organisers. Work is now underway to ensure that all residents and businesses in
Sandown are well advised of plans and to invite any positive or negative feedback that
needs to be addressed.